Date and Venue Survey

Hello Class of 98′,
I am in need of everyone’s help in order to pick the best date and venue for the reunion. Your planning committee has been hard at work to find a couple of the best locations in Milwaukee to host our reunion. In order to make the reunion as successful as possible we are seeking to keep costs around $25-$30 per person to ensure everyone can come while allowing us to have access to a great venue. Suggestions were made for a couple dozen locations and while we did hit a few bumps in the road mostly due to space we have narrowed down the venues to just two dates and  two venues which are SPiN Milwaukee and Joey’s Buona’s. The survey will only take just a few moments of your time and will help us continue planning your 15-year reunion.
Step 1: Please take a moment to view some pictures of each venue before taking the survey this will help you to get a better idea of what each venue looks like.
Joey Buona’s –
Step 2: Take the survey – Pick the date and time we will take care of the rest.
Next Planning Committee Meeting: Our meeting location has recently changed to Vino Cappuccino due to Hanley’s being closed Tuesday. This meeting is open to anyone who would like to come give their opinion or just hang out. You are not required to make any commitments to attend. We will be looking at the results of the venue and date survey; finalizing details for the reunion, discussing the financials, brainstorming on finding our missing classmates and just generally reminiscing about the good old days.

Vino Cappuccino
2848 N Brookfield Rd,
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045

Doors will open at 6:30pm and meeting will start at 7:00pm
Facebook Group: Just a reminder in case you haven’t join our group can be found here:

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