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Planning committee: Reaching out to anyone who might be interested in joining the planning committee. We have had a decent amount of people who are willing to help however in my book the more people on the committee the better. I just want to add that if you’re saying to yourself I just don’t have the time to invest into helping out I am right next to you raising my hand. Life is busy with family; kids and a job among other things. My plan was to get this email out within the week of the last one; well more than a month later I finally get a second to finish this email. With this in mind I am pushing to keep this a simple as possible. The committee will meet 1-2 times maybe for an hour to hammer out the reunion and we will look for help for setup the day of the reunion. Even if you can only do the committee by email it would be helpful to have an extra opinion.
Committee Meeting:  We have a confirmed location for meeting at Hanley’s Bar and Grill;  thanks goes to Erin Hanley. I am hopeful we could get together by next week Thursday 3-14 or Friday 3-15. I have no issue with pushing the meeting out one more week however we will need to meet this month for sure and the sooner the better if we are planning something for the summer which will be here before we know it. If you’re looking to join us on the committee please let me know a day that works best; I will of course try to work it out to get the most people there. The next email will let you know who is on the planning committee and when we are planning on meeting. Thoughts, ideas or complaints please let me know. – I have managed to put some time into getting the site back up and going. All updates will also be posted here also. If you have a business I would be happy to add a free rotating banner ad on the top of the site as well as a business directory listing. If you are interested please let me know.

Facebook Group – Best way to do a group discussion with the class. I have added everyone in my contact list but that is not everyone. I would recommend if you are on Facebook to check and see if you’re in the group.

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