New Cheaper Ticket Option – 14 days left to purchase your tickets

Hello Class of 98’,

Summer is in full swing now so your days are likely busier than ever trying to make the most of it. We are fast closing in on the reunion and I have some good news to report to everyone. The great people at SPiN are allowing us to sell a limited number of tickets without the food buffet. This opens the door for us to sell tickets without the buffet for just $20. Although you won’t have access to the buffet you still can order food and drinks at the bar. So for those people who aren’t interested in a burger/brat buffet, just wanted to catch up with your fellow classmates or thought $30 was a little too much per ticket have the option to join us. Just 14 days remain till final a final head count has to be submitted so get your tickets today. We have just 34 more tickets to sell to hit our goal of selling 50 tickets.
$30 Ticket w/ Burger/Brat Buffet 

Over at the Facebook group I am continuing my cheesy 94-98 video countdown to the reunion. To be honest it’s been great to go back in time and see just how much great music we had during those 4 years. Don’t get me wrong there are quite a few that just make you laugh. If you haven’t had a chance check out the wall there are some good ones with The Beastie Boys, STP, Weezer, Notorious BIG, Ice Cube, Greenday, Bush and many more to come. Join in the fun and post some of your favorites you listed to on your Walkman.

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