Reunion is TODAY

Well the time has come and today in less than 12 hours the reunion will start. Hard to believe that it has been 15 years since we last saw most of you on that hot day at the Sports Complex. Happy to announce that you will get to see at least 60 of your fellow classmates with more likely buying at the door. This has given us the ability to rent out 6 tables which is half of the floor @ SPiN giving us plenty of space for the reunion. With the additional hour we will have access to the tables from 7pm-11pm. A great many thanks can be said for a number of people including our class as a whole. At the beginning of this year we started with a list of under 100 contacts and with your help we were able to double that list to over 200 now. As time passes we will find the rest but this alone helps making planning future events possible. Thank you to Elizabeth Schlemm-Gabbianelli for getting the ball rolling during the 10 year reunion you efforts are not forgotten. Stephanie Mayer-Larson for the great insights on the where, when and how for the reunion. Without your recommendation of SPiN the reunion might not have happened. Katie Chmielewski-Mueller for doing research on locations. Lisa Guerin-Dykas and Steve Todd for your help on the finances as well as your input. Justin Czarnecki, Laurie Solchenberger-Easton, Scott Magee and Brenna Coleman your suggestions, opinions and support were an important part of shaping the reunion. Of course Ronnie Greenweell-Lollis who made us laugh and feel comfortable even if it has been 15 years. Erin Hanley for letting us having meetings at Hanley’s. If you see these people at the reunion say thanks for the time and effort they put into making this reunion happen.

Tickets @ the Door

The answer to the question is yes you will be able to purchase tickets at the door by Cash or Credit Card. For those who are buying your ticket at the door you will need to check in and see Jason Zellmer to pay for your ticket. These tickets will not include the burger/brat buffet but if you want food you can still order some at the bar. If possible because it does help save time the day of the reunion please pre-purchase your tickets. **IMPORTANT** If you are planning to buy at the door please let me know you are coming and how many tickets you will need. This helps us give an accurate head count for tables which is one of the few things that SPiN needs. Tickets can still be pre-purchase through Paypal which helps to save time of the day of the reunion. $20 Ticket w/ No Food

Registration starts @ 6pm

Stop at the registration table and check in, we will have access to a couple of tables during this time. If you purchased a buffet ticket you will be given a wrist band at the registration table. This will give you access to the burger/brat buffet at 7:30pm. I will have name tags for people to use because let face it has been 15 years and a couple of names might just have slipped your mind. After checking in make yourself comfortable, get a drink, play some ping pong and catch up with some classmates.

The Official After Bar – Everyone is Welcome

I gave a good amount of thought to the subject of a official after bar. I fully understand that people are free to do what they want to do after the reunion so there is some risk in making it official. I took the same risk with I signed the contract to have the reunion but I had faith enough of us wanted to see each other that it would come together. I know for a fact that many of you are sitting the fence on whether you want to go or not. Making itofficial opens the door for those of us who want to continue for a few extra hours to do so as well bringing in those last few people who just want to catch up and have a few drinks with some old friends. My goal throughout this entire process was to try and get as many of us together as possible. I hope that we can a achieve that goal for a few extra people with an official after bar where everyone is welcome to come. After we are done at the reunion at 11pm we will head over to Cafe Centraal 2306 S Kinnickinnic Ave Bay View, WI 53207 for the rest of the evening. I scouted a number of the local bars near SPiN all of which were packed on a Friday around this time of night. Cafe Centraal is a little more than 2 miles from SPiN straight shot down Water to Kinnicknnic you’ll be there in about 5 minutes. Cafe Centraal is a larger bar with plenty of seating so we won’t have to worry about stay together, food (till midnight), awesome outdoor patio, great music, 23 beers on tap and over 100 varieties of bottled beer. Don’t worry folks you can still get a Miller Lite or a cocktail but their Bier Book is worth checking out. Let me encourage everyone to take a risk that will give you a worthwhile reward. Join your classmates for some food, fun, old memories and while you’re at the reunion make some new ones.

Over at the Facebook group I am continuing my cheesy 94-98 video countdown to the reunion. Even after all these years today’s hit from 1998 fits just right for a reunion Wu Tang Clan – Reunited

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